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After a lapse of five years, and then repair the official selection of these key regulations take you a map to understand Put on the coat of education aimed at college students education stage "pit a lot of loan" The newly revised "Regulations" cadre appoint aspiring cadres to study the "Five" China's first cross seismic activity cross sea bridge officially opened The former Gansu Provincial Department deputy inspector Chen Tianshou accept discipline review and supervision Grid Library of electrified railway power supply project in Qinghai province began pouring foundation The Xining tax bureau held to further implement the policy will promote the tax cut down costs Banma County: to carry out a "tailored" form about two do five push "activities Be careful! Since 19 checked 77 in the management of cadres are both problems Graphic: Deepening the reform of the national supervision system puts forward the new requirements of the general secretary President Xi Jinping to the Italy Rome state school teachers and students Zhudou reply Xi Jinping chaired a forum of teachers of Ideological and political education schools Golmud institutional reform work orderly Golmud: "three campaign" to lay the basis of building a moderately prosperous society "After all" good prosperous young actor can take over the power to send you best One extra period, talk about what teachers love for what kind of students National Computer Virus Emergency Treatment of nine illegal mobile application center monitoring found Lide Shuren, Xi Jinping's interpretation of the fundamental task of Education "AI face" technology real ones? What are the advantages and disadvantages to life Xinjiang in my dream, you come to realize Qinghai "double signing" service to full coverage The Information Office of the State Council issued the "Xinjiang counter-terrorism, to the extreme of struggle and the protection of human rights," the white paper Xinjiang's counter-terrorism, to the extreme of struggle and the protection of human rights Zhongxiaoxie report: consumer confidence sufficient credit construction should be strengthened Mexico will build a cultural heritage tour to attract tourists Chinese "12326" civil aviation service quality supervision phone officially opened You can hide a few routines so much? Pay attention to more tours Qianjiang Evening News: thousands of WeChat friends before passing, this innovative teaching is too rude Yanzhao Evening News: subway security deal with "odd makeup" and "different" set the standard Qianjiang Evening News: her daughter deiivery, I should have more care
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The CPC Central Committee issued "selection and appointment of leading cadres work"

[ The new guidance of cadres striding forward ] [ Regulations on the work of selection and appointment of leading cadres ] [ The relief cadres from some unnecessary affairs. ]

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